Creative Writing

I have written creatively since I was seven. On a stormy day in Portland, Victoria, my late grandfather challenged me to write a story on butcher’s paper about a boat he thought was sinking in rough seas. I wrote poetry in my teens, inspired by Dickinson and Blake – and teenage heartbreak. I wanted to find out how great writers worked their way ‘underneath’ things to what was really going on in our universe, hearts and minds. I still get that spark of discovery and excitement every time I hit the keyboard or grip the pen.


As well as my short story collection, Dodging the Bull (Wakefield Press), I have published individual stories in journals since 2000.


I've published poetry in journals since 1996, and have appeared as a feature reader in Melbourne, interstate and internationally. My two poetry books are Minorphysics (IP 2003) and Awake Despite the Hour (Five Islands Press 2007).


I have written and performed three dramatic monologues: 'Sleepless in Braybrook' (Palais Theatre, Daylesford; Yarraville Festival), 'Get the Word' (Gasworks and La Mama Theatres with Bill Buttler providing the soundtrack) and, with alicia sometimes (co-writer and performer on my piece), Sean Whelan and Emily Zoe Baker, 'The Confession Files' (La Mama, Jolt and Dancing Dog Theatres).

Manuscript and Script Assessment

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