I have performed my poetry around Melbourne, Australia and the world since 2000. In 2005, under the band name Jumbuktu, I released a CD with multi-instrumentalist Bill Buttler called As If Nothing is Happening. And it is. Available for preview and purchase here, the CD was highly commended in the 2010 Triple R Spoken Word Recordings of the Decade Awards (and see a review at the bottom of this page).

I have also written and performed three dramatic monologues: Sleepless in Braybrook (Palais Theatre, Daylesford; Yarraville Festival), Get the Word (Gasworks and La Mama Theatres with Bill Buttler providing the soundtrack) and, with alicia sometimes (co-writer and performer on my piece), Sean Whelan and Emily Zoe Baker, The Confession Files (La Mama, Jolt and Dancing Dog Theatres). With the same team of writers, I also co-wrote (and performed in) Elemental, a 2009 Melbourne Arts Festival poetry/film/music show that sold out four nights at the Melbourne Planetarium.

I have also appeared in two short films, WarGame and The Beast, and I am currently writing a new stage show.

The Confession Files (with alicia sometimes)
La Mama Theatre


“At last, a poetry CD that you can listen to as you would a music CD . . . Mitchell uses his formidable reading skills – he knows when and how to hang a pause out there, so that the listener is thirsting for what comes next . . . Buttler’s contribution to this album is immense . . . [He] employs music styles at times so familiar to us . . . they act as another image in the poem . . .The everyday world of these poems poses insurmountable problems, asks unanswerable questions. This is a CD for the times.”

Garth Madsen, reviews As if Nothing is Happening. And it is.


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