New poem in Arena + Reading at Owl and Cat in August

I was pleased that Arena magazine recently published my poem ‘Back to Work’. Arena is publishing two more of my poems later this year.

I’m excited to be featuring at the Owl and Cat reading, 34 Swan Street Melbourne, on Sunday 6 August from 4pm. I’ll be showcasing a long poem from my new manuscript-in-progress, which has the working title ‘Using My Coffin as a Shield’. A snippet from the poem below:

Indian Mynah birds, it’s known, are a pest species. And yet
on the music bars that are the powerlines, in fresh custard winter sky,
their shapes still form a tune. But I do not read music
so I cannot play along. They’re gone before
I can call my music-reading son to tinkle the mynahs’
unwanted song on his second-hand piano.
He plays me invisible birds instead.

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