Awake Despite the Hour

My poetry collection, Awake Despite the Hour, was published by Five Islands Press in 2007. Click here to read some samples, and here’s what some reviewers said:

“This book could almost be subtitled ‘Mitchell’s War on Everything.’  . . . Deploring the spiritual/moral state of things, he reverses and twists familiar texts and concepts . . . Mitchell is looking for ‘something more’, but in a specifically religious context . . . Close reading can uncover layers of meaning [and] there is compelling poetry in this collection.”
Merle Goldsmith 
in Island magazine.

” . . . There is something edgy and explosive about these poems, and about the process of reading them . . . The early themes of suburbia and the dark corners of relationships are still here . . . sharply satirical and funny . . .”
David Prater in Overland magazine.

“[His] satirical and political interests show he is a poet of engagement. Ultimately, though, Mitchell’s project is extra-political, seeking to engage the world through a spirituality that may, or may not, be conventionally religious . . . This is a poetry of approaches rather than the predetermined.”
David McCooey in Australian Book Review.

“. . . Disturbed and disturbing . . . but always striving to be authentic – striving to make poetry out of the inconsistent lives we are living and the duplicitous language we are speaking; and succeeding in making the authentic sounds that only Paul Mitchell can make. Paul has, as William Carlos Williams once put it, built poems that are small and large machines made of words; and when those machines start operating, start banging words together, they propel us towards something that is beyond words.”
Joel Deane launching the book.

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