Standard Variation

Walleah Press published my third collection of poetry, Standard Variation, in May 2014. Click here to read some sample poems. You can buy the book from the publisher or drop me a line and buy direct from me. Here’s what people have said so far about Standard Variation:

“Mitchell is by turns colloquial and mystical and often both . . . Mitchell’s work is generous and never lets his poet-speaker off too lightly – not for him the easy ironies of poet as observer.” – Aidan Coleman, reviewing Standard Variation in The Australian.

“Paul Mitchell’s new book has a cleanness of line and a generosity of vision. When reading through Standard Variation Neruda’s expression ‘fully empowered’ comes to mind.” – poet, philosopher and theologian, Kevin Hart

Standard Variation is a book by a poet well on top of his game, and game to try his voice at almost anything. Nothing is too minor or too universal for his compass, his pencil, his map and his calculations.” – poet and academic, Kevin Brophy

Standard Variation is the best of Paul Mitchell. His poems are threaded with the spiritual, the ethereal and the very guts of life. As always he is considered, precise and completely compelling.” – broadcaster and poet, alicia sometimes

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