Helen Garner

author of Monkey Grip and This House of Grief

“It’s calming and heartening to watch a father sift his daily life for what is sacred.” (talking about Matters of Life and Faith)

Michael McGirr

author of Things You Get for Free and Books That Saved My Life

‘This delightful collection is a treasure chest of wisdom and experience. Paul Mitchell writes with tenderness and understated insight about the mystery of connection – whether that is with his own kids, his neighbours, strangers or the world. His words are healing and his storytelling full of wonder.” (talking about Matters of Life and Faith)

Tony Birch

author of Blood and The White Girl

“Mitchell’s writing is challenging, exhilarating and touched with a deep sense of humanity” (talking about We. Are. Family.)

Martin Flanagan

journalist and author of The Call and A Wink from the Universe

“This is rugged, strong writing with tonnes of charcter. It’s for people who think life hurts, rewards, bends, breaks and redeems.” (talking about Dodging the Bull)

Alicia Sometimes

poet, ABC broadcaster, Outersanctum podcast founder, and co-author of A Footy Girl’s Guide

“His poems are threaded with the spiritual, the ethereal and the very guts of life.” (talking about Standard Variation)

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