“This is rugged, strong writing with tonnes of charcter. It’s for people who think life hurts, rewards, bends, breaks and redeems.”
Martin Flanagan talking about
Dodging the Bull.

“In this collection of stories, Paul Mitchell is working in the territory inhabited by artists as diverse as Tim Winton, Raymond Carver and Bruce Springsteen . . . As with them, Mitchell is interested in the powerless, the inarticulate and the struggling – people who don’t really understand how their lives could have turned out this way and don’t quite know how to talk about it.”
The Australian
reviewing Dodging the Bull.

“He has an unflinching eye and a sparse writing style that refuses to spare the reader’s sensibilities.”
The Independent Weekly reviewing Dodging the Bull.

“Paul has, as William Carlos Williams once put it, built poems that are small and large machines made of words; and when those machines start operating, start banging words together, they propel us towards something that is beyond words.”
Joel Deane talking about Awake Despite the Hour.

Like [Bruce] Dawe, Mitchell finds beauty in the most seemingly mundane subjects.”
Claire Stewart reviewing Minorphysics on Cordite Poetry Review.

“By turns wry and moving, Minorphysics is the work of an original.”
Kevin Hart talking about Minorphysics.

“A challenging psychological and emotional exploration of these terrible stories…A contribution to a desperately needed national conversation [that] will deepen and enrich it in very significant ways.”
Helen Garner talking about one of my stage scripts-in-progress.


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