Matters of Life and Faith

"It's calming and heartening to watch a father quietly sift his daily life for what is sacred." - Helen Garner

We. Are. Family.

"A domestic fiction that is at once panoramic and suffocating . . . in equal parts reminiscent of Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap and Tim Winton’s The Turning"

Standard Variation

"When reading through Standard Variation, Neruda's expression 'fully empowered' comes to mind - Kevin Hart

Awake Despite the Hour

"This book could almost be subtitled 'Mitchell's War on Everything'." - Merle Goldsmith in Island magazine.

Dodging the Bull

"This is rugged, strong writing with tonnes of charcter. It’s for people who think life hurts, rewards, bends, breaks and redeems." – Martin Flanagan, senior writer, The Age


"His poetry wears both halo and beanie. This is a must read." - alicia sometimes, poet and Triple R broadcaster (Aural Text).

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