A selection of journalism and essays I’ve published over the past twenty years (most recent at the top):

Eureka StreetCrossroads (review essay on Jonathan Franzen’s novel)

Eureka StreetBroken (review essay on TV series)

The Big Issue: The Year My Voice Broke (about rock’s greatest year: 1991!)

Eureka Street – Slow Train Coming: Bob Dylan’s Spiritual Journey

The Guardian – My son’s music appreciation group, the best father’s day present

The Age – So many lockdown hobbies on offer, but who has the time?

The Melbourne Anglican – The Book That Changed Me – John Leonard’s Seven Centuries of Poetry in English

The Age – Men of Australia, join the short pants rebellion

Sunday Life (The Age) – Get a Series

Homer magazine – The Shape of a Mentor: What I Learnt from my Uncle and Elton

Homer podcast – interview with me about Australian masculinity

Melbourne Catholic – Cracks in Everything

Melbourne Catholic – Holy Voice, Dreaming Spirit: Gurrumul

Melbourne Catholic – Beyond the Sun

Sunday Life magazine – Dad Radio

The Big Issue – UFC (Ultimate Fathering Confusion)

The Big Issue – Punt Flick

Melbourne Catholic – Blue Collar Jesus

Griffith Review – Bullies’ Sporting Chance (excerpt)

The Big Issue – A Bob Each Way

Eureka Street – AFL must take serious stand on sexist sledging

ABC Religion and Ethics – Anzacism: Assembling Our National Religion

Melbourne Catholic - Striding Forth: The Art of Pauline Clayton

Wheeler Centre Dailies – Beyond the Limit: On Mourning Phillip Hughes, and Sport

Melbourne Catholic – Detoxifying Masculinity

Sunday Life magazine – Teenage Runaway

The Age (Comment) – An Age-Old Problem in our Digital New-World

Wheeler Centre Dailies – Hold the Print

The Age (Life and Style) – Play it Again, This Time With Feeling

Wheeler Centre Dailies – Why We Need a Literary Award to Engage Male Readers

Melbourne Catholic – Forever Young

The Big Issue – Tour Through Reality

Wheeler Centre Dailies – Why Sausage Fests Should be Left for Barbecues

The Age (Life and Style) – Self-Denial, the Guilt-Edged Sword of the Participatory Age

The Sunday Age (Features) – Coming Full Circle to Heal the Hurt

The Age (Epicure) – In with the Out Crowd

Meanjin – Exorcism in the Driveway

Melbourne Catholic – Searching for Truth

Good Weekend (Two of Us) – Jacqui and Colleen Marion

Griffith Review - Shopping for Revolution

Breakpoint: Not Real but True: An Interview with Tim Winton

The Sunday Age - Heart Prayer

The Age (Epicure) – Ripe for the Picking

The Big Issue - Bayswatch: Endangered Species

Kill Your Darlings - Shopping for Values: A Journey with my Daughter

The Age (Epicure) – Dad’s Baking Revelation

The Age (Sport) – No Room for Cowboys in Lacrosse

Melbourne Catholic - Is There a Future for Public Interest Journalism?

Melbourne Catholic - The Cost of Competition

The Sunday Age (Faith) – Christmas Carols

The Age (Epicure) – The Tale Food Tells

Eureka Street - More Than One Way to Cool a Couch Potato

The Age (Epicure) – Turning the Tables

The Age (Debate) – Enough of the Morning Rip Off

Meanjin – A Novel Approach to Religion

Going Down Swinging – The Value of Writing

ArtsHub (Review) – Source Code (DVD)

ArtsHub (Review) – Murundak: Songs of Freedom (DVD)

ArtsHub (Review) – Bill Cunningham: New York (DVD)

The Big Issue – Profile of author, Cate Kennedy

Global Food and Wine – From Wilderness to Wall Street

The Big Issue – Watching the Tea Towels Fly

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