We. Are. Family.

MidnightSun Publishing released We. Are. Family. in September 2016. Here’s what the reviewers had to say:

“Mitchell is a terse and observant writer, as alive to the particulars of Aussie idiom and experience as Tim Winton, but less showy . . . It’s hard to write about the thwarts and flaws of conventional masculinity without coming across as either too harsh or too sentimental. Mitchell succeeds in doing so.”The Age.

“We. Are. Family will bounce off the walls of your mind, demanding a response, demanding engagement, demanding, I think, something more than merely reading and basking in the warm inner glow of feeling ‘informed’.” - Patrick Allington, from the book’s Adelaide launch speech

“Mitchell asks us if it is possible to escape the subjectivity of our pasts, or do the male voices in our heads sentence us to a lifetime of judgment by their standards? Ultimately, We. Are. Family. might be read as a tale of redemption and hope.” – The Australian

“[I]ntriguingly organised to bring out the cyclic, inherited reach of damaging behaviour, moving easily and clearly to and fro between generations and setting the poetry of place and sensibility, of a kind of difficult love against the pain and ugliness it is concerned to expose.” – SA Times/Herald-Sun.

“He succeeds in creating a domestic fiction that is at once panoramic and suffocating. It is in equal parts reminiscent of Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap and Tim Winton’s The Turning.” – Books+Publishing magazine (four stars)

“We. Are. Family. is an unflinching and nuanced portrayal of Australian masculinity, mental illness and domestic violence, one that will resonate in an unsettling way with the upbringings of many Australians.” – Rochford Review

“Stripped bare, Mitchell’s blokey characters must accept failure, longing and regret; a terrible admission, sure, but also a necessary one . . . reminiscent of the late US writer Flannery O’Connor, a staunch Catholic whose humanity shone through her stark and fiercely unsanitised stories.” – The War Cry

“Mitchell’s debut is a fine novel, cleverly structured and expertly wrought.” – Readings bookshop

An interview with Gippslandia magazine about We. Are. Family. – 2017


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