I have for several years led seminars and workshops at Melbourne secondary and primary schools. I have worked for the past three years presenting short fiction workshops at MLC (Methodist Ladies College), and I have also presented at St Bernard’s College, Star of the Sea, Bayside Secondary College, Melbourne Girls’ College, Wembley Primary School (Yarraville) and St Mary’s Primary School (Footscray).

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Praise for Paul Mitchell’s speaking at MLC (other recommendations are available on request):

“Paul’s talents as short story writer, poet, performer of his poetry and educator – exercised with great respect for the students and skilful adjustment to the needs of the moment  –  opened the eyes of staff and students to unimagined possibilities for their own writing and for the place of story and poetry in contemporary life. His work at MLC drew the following responses”:

  • “Chief amongst Paul Mitchell’s strengths in an educational setting, other than the excellence of his poetry, is his demeanour. He is gentle yet authoritative. Students enjoyed listening to and conversing with him, and he answered their questions in such an interesting and honourable way that they asked more of them.” (IB Year 11)
  • “Paul Mitchell’s workshop at MLC focused on Context – Identity and Belonging. Paul quickly built a rapport with students and sensitively challenged them to unearth life experiences that made rich fodder for their creative and personal responses to the Context. The result of his workshop was some startlingly powerful writing that was, for many students, the highlight of their three-piece folios.” (VCE Year 11)
  • “Paul Mitchell connected strongly with the students and drew even the most reluctant of poets into his world of imagination and verse. Not only did he talk their language, but in a very short space of time, they were talking his. It was a pleasure to see a master at work.” (Year 9 English)







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